75% hydroalcoholic solution, detergent, eliminates 99.9% of the tested bacterial load.
Designed for knitwear and clothing and can also be used on surfaces.
Compliant with the guidelines of the I.S.S.

Eliminates 99.9% of the tested bacterial load.

Composed of alcohol (75%)

Designed for knitwear and clothing

It can be used on surfaces

Covid19 Phase 2 - Sanitation is essential

The current emergency requires us to pay more attention to ourselves and to others, and among the many challenges to be faced there is also the problem of sanitizing shops and products.

To meet these needs, KANGRA has developed a specific sanitizer for natural fibers, capable of being used directly on garments, environments and surfaces for professional and domestic use.

Tips for using on garments

  1. Shake before using.
  2. Spray directly on the garment at a distance of 30/40 cm in order to uniformly vaporize the entire surface of the garment without excessively humidifying it.
  3. Leave to act and then evaporate the product for 2/3 minutes without rubbing. After which the garment is ready for use.
  4. There are no limits of use on the same garment.
  5. ย We recommend using a cloth on surfaces such as:
    Tables - PCs - Dressing rooms - Mirrors - Wardrobes - Car interiors - Mobile phones

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